Pet Insurance

There are many very good pet insurance companies and also some that are very poor. Choosing pet insurance can be difficult for the first time and is important to get right: if your pet becomes ill & you make a claim to your pet insurance company only to discover they won’t pay or make claiming difficult, you will find it difficult to get cover for that condition with another company.

We recommend Agria Pet Insurance for our clients cat & dogs.

The benefits of Agria Pet Insurance:

  1. Only increase your premiums (the amount you pay each month) by inflation each year
  2. You choose your excess (the amount you pay when you make a claim), the standard excess can be increased if you want your premiums to be lower.
  3. At middle-age your pet’s excess will be the 10% of the claim + your normal excess
  4. As they get older your pet’s excess will be 20% of the claim + your normal excess
  5. Agria will pay for dental treatment, including scale & polish where your vet deems it necessary.
  6. Arrange to pay us directly (Fivelands will normally only agree to this if the amount being claimed for a single course of treatment is £250 or more).
  7. Agria only insure on a lifetime cover basis: That means if your pet becomes ill, as long as you keep paying your premiums, your pet will be insured for the rest of its life for that condition, upto the maximum amount each year (the amount will depend on your level of cover)

    Things to watch in choosing a policy

    Cheapest is not always the best- companies may hook you in with a cheap premium but then hike the premiums once you have made a claim- it is then very difficult to switch insurers as your pet will be excluded for that condition if you do swap insurer.

    Other insurers will increase the excess to recoup money they have paid out on your policy.

  • Look for a policy with cover for life. Annual policies will only cover for a year’s worth of treatment which is no good if your pet develops a conditions that needs long term treatment such as heart problems, kidneys disease, dry eye, arthritis etc
    maximum benefit will cover for a set amount of money for the life of your pet eg £4000 for the whole of your pet’s lifetime ( this may not go far for a big dog with arthritis for instance)
  • Check whether your insurer will cover your pet beyond 8 years old, and what happens to your premiums/excesses when they get to 8 years or 12 years old- some companies put a massive hike on premiums then, knowing that you will not be able to insure your pet elsewhere.
  • Many companies now are refusing to pay for dental treatment, even where it is recommended by the vet.
  • Some insurers are just notorious for not paying out, quibbling amounts, putting things in the small print that make claiming difficult. We can’t name & shame them but our hearts do sink when we find someone has insured a pet with some of these companies as it just adds so much admin & hassle, and often owners end up getting a lot less back from the insurer than they expected.
  • In some cases we  may be able to claim the cost of treatment directly from your pet insurance company: Our policy is that we will only do so if the amount is over £250 for a single course of treatment, and we are satisfied that your insurance company will pay us promptly (we will give you our T&Cs for direct insurance claims).

We do make a small charge for processing pet insurance claim forms.

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