Rabbit Awareness Week (RAW)

We are celebrating rabbit awareness week between 4th-10th June at Fivelands Veterinary Centre. The idea is to promote rabbit health and help owners to be aware of the needs of rabbits, particularly in regard to their diet.

Many people feed a mueseli type of food- these foods contain several ingredients that rabbits can pick out, so they only eat the bits they like. Some of the foods have ingredients which are high in sugars and starch. A rabbit’s intestine is designed to digest high fibre diets, such as from eating grass and hay. We recommend switching rabbits from muesli type foods to pellet foods. The pellets should only be 10% of their food intake i.e  a very small handful for the average rabbit. the rest of its diet should mainly be grass and hay, along with a small amount of fresh food ( such as carrot, broccoli, dandelion etc).

What Are Fivelands Doing for Rabbit Awareness Week?

We are offering a free health check for your rabbit with a veterinary nurse between 4th June- 8th June inclusive. This will involve checking their teeth, eyes, ears, heart, coat, nails & bottom.* They will also discuss and give advice on where the rabbit is kept, its diet, and some behavioural advice.

You will also receive a free goody bag

We have details of a photo competition if you would like to enter with a picture of your bunny.

* If health issues are identified the nurse will discuss these with you and if appropriate make an appointment for you to see a vet with your rabbit. There will be a consultation charge for the vet to examine your rabbit.