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We are always pleased to welcome new clients at Fivelands Veterinary Centre and their pets; whether you are a first-time owner looking for a veterinary practice that can help you to learn about your pet and answer all your questions, or an experienced breeder.

We are also happy to take referrals and second opinions in cases where your practice does not have the expertise or equipment to deal with your pet’s problem, or if you are unhappy with the advice or treatment your vet has given you. In these cases we will ask your permission to obtain the clinical records from your previous vet so we have all their medical history and results to help us to treat your pet more effectively.

Our vets are all experienced and are happy to discuss any concerns you have, no matter how trivial. We are used to dealing with anxious pets (and often anxious owners!) & the more boisterous, or difficult to handle ones!

Our Ethics

We really do mean what we say, we aim to treat your pet as we would our own. That’s why we have assembled a great team of vets & nurses to look after your pet (believe us, it takes us a long time to find the right person to work at Fivelands)

We care passionately about making sure that we are doing the best both for you and your pet. Everyone has different financial constraints and wishes as regards treatment of their pet. The welfare of your pet is always utmost in our treatment, but we believe that by offering a range of options wherever possible, we can work together to keep your pet healthy & happy that fits with your circumstances.

What to Expect

cat chillin' out during the consultation

chillin’ out during the consultation

We run appointments at all 3 of our surgeries. The appointments with the vets last for 15 minutes and are for 1 pet per appointment (please make sure the receptionist knows if you are intending bringing more than one pet so appropriate slots can be booked). We try to run on time but some cases are more involved & may take a little longer or emergencies come in that mean occasionally your appointment will be delayed.

For booster vaccinations and vaccine course the vet will give your pet a thorough check and discuss any health issues or questions you have. We will also advise you about routine worming and flea control where appropriate.

For non-routine visits where your pet is unwell or needing treatment, the vet will examine your pet, and if treatment is appropriate at the time they may have some injections and medication to go home with. You may be asked to make a follow up appointment with your pet so that the vet can check their progress and see if further treatment is required (there will be a charge for the follow-up consultation but normally at a reduced rate, no matter if it is only short, as it takes up an appointment slot that could be offered to another patient).

Other cases may require diagnostic tests, in-patient treatment or surgery. In this case the vet will explain what their recommendation is and provide you with a written estimate for this; if you do not receive an estimate please ask for one, as it is our policy to provide one for any animal needing in-patient treatment.

In-Patient Treatment

Fivelands Veterinary Centre Dog ward

Fivelands Veterinary Centre Dog ward

If your pet needs to come in for treatment or an operation this will be carried out at either our Moseley or Yardley surgery. In most cases, pets undergoing tests or surgery will be treated as day cases and discharged the same day in the afternoon or evening, when the vet or nurse will explain what has been done during the day.

Patients that need to stay for longer (e.g patients on a drip or undergoing certain types of surgery) will be hospitalised at the Moseley surgery and cared for by our dedicated team of vets, nurses and nursing assistants. We will ensure that you are kept up to date regarding your pet’s progress and if you want to visit your pet will try our best to accommodate you at a convenient time for you. Your pet will be kept in one of our separate dog and cat wards. If they have any special dietary requirements we can usually cater for these (within reason, but fillet steak isn’t on the menu…).

In some cases we will advise that your pet is transferred overnight to the emergency clinic if they require more intensive overnight treatment.


We accept payment by cash, debit or credit card (not American Express). Fees are payable at the time of treatment (after your consultation or when you collect your pet from surgery). We may be able to claim direct from the insurance company where pets are insured and the cost of treatment is over £250. Please ask before your pet’s appointment/operation if you are thinking of claiming direct from the insurance company.

Monies outstanding after 30 days may be subject to an administration fee and interest at 4% per month.



We are always grateful to receive feedback on our service as we continually strive to provide the best care for your pet: please speak to one of our staff. Alternatively, contact our practice manager, Elaine Parker, if there is anything you would like to discuss. There are also feedback forms available in the waiting rooms at all the surgeries.

Moseley surgery

0121 449 3716

98 Alcester Road,
B13 8EF

Opening Hours
Mon-Fri 8am-7pm
Sat 8.30am-5pm
Sun 10am-11.30am

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Yardley surgery

0121 783 7345

228 Church Road,
B25 8XL

Opening Hours

Mon-Fri  9am-6.45pm
Sat      9am- midday
Sun   Closed

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Hall Green surgery

0121 777 8145

1287 Stratford Road
Hall Green
B28 9AJ

Opening Hours

Mon, Tues, Wed, Fri   9am-12.30pm & 1.30-6.45pm
Thurs 9am- midday
Sat 9am- midday
Sun  Closed

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