Lily Poisoning in Cats


Lilies are found in many bouquets of flowers and look striking and smell fragrant but unfortunately they are poisonous to cats.

It sounds strange to think that a cat would choose to eat something so toxic but sadly they do. Sometimes they do it inadvertently by brushing against the flower and getting pollen over their coat. Of course, their natural reaction is to lick it off. Some cats will chew the leaves or flowers, and the pollen, flowers, and leaves of lilies are all toxic.

Our advice is that if you have a cat, don’t have lilies. Lily poisoning in cats can cause kidney failure, and unfortunately we do see several cats each year that suffer permanent kidney damage, or worse, from lilies.

If your cat does eat lilies or get pollen on its coat, wash off any pollen and prevent your cat from licking any pollen on its coat, and phone us straight away. Do not wait for your cat to become ill, as kidney damage can take several days before they show symptoms of being unwell- by that time it is too late. Symptoms include a loss of appetite, increased thirst, vomiting, and even tremors or seizures.

Some lilies are not poisonous but our advice is don’t take the risk…

For more information about poisons or if you need advice the Animal Poison Line is available 24 hours a day



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