Corn Treatment Trial

Corns have been a problem in certain breeds, specifically greyhounds for many years. We have tried many different treatments over the years but now we are conducting a corn treatment trial using a non-surgical treatment with topical cream applied to the corn area. The treatment needs to be given daily for 15 days and the foot to be bandage or covered for this time. Side effects appear to be very few from preliminary trials.
Part of the study also involves looking for evidence of papilloma virus as a cause of the corns.

Previously treatment for corns has been either hulling out corns- they always come back after this; surgical removal of the corn can be successful in 50-70% of cases, depending on the surgical technique; some dogs respond to steroid injections into the corns. Duct tape and other topical treatments we have tried appear to not work in the vast majority of cases.

Corns cause pain for the dog as the hard corn in the pad  presses on the underlying tendon and bone as they walk; the pain tends to be more pronounced on hard ground, especially pavements, less so on floors inside the house, and best on soft ground. Bruising of the toe and infection can occur in some badly affected dogs.

If your dog has corns and you would like them to enter this trial, please contact our Yardley surgery to arrange an appointment with vet Christian Hughes to discuss this. Currently the treatment is a fixed cost for those dogs on the trial.