Our Team at Fivelands

We are very lucky to have such a wonderful, caring  Fivelands team, with plenty of experience and expertise. We spend a lot of time making sure we have the right people working for us to ensure the quality of the service  we provide is the best in Birmingham!


 Christian Hughes BVMS, MRCVS- Clinical Director

Christian Hughes and dog Charlie

Christian also qualified from Glasgow in 1991, joined the practice in 1999. He has an interest in acupuncture, ophthalmology, greyhounds, and dogs in general, feline medicine and enjoys a challenge. He has a Labrador after sadly losing Charlie the Cavalier (see above) to syringomyelia, and would love a cat (but sadly can’t as half his family are allergic to them!).

“The job is so varied, you never know from one day to the next what you will see. I really enjoy getting to know the people who come in as well as their pets. It is a great privilege to do what I do for a living and meet such lovely pets and people. Even dealing with more challenging pets can be rewarding, especially when they finally make friends with you.”

Outside of work Christian plays guitar in his local church & enjoys a pub quiz.

Dr. Christian Lancelott Bsc (Hons), DVM (Hons),CertAVP(GSAS), MRCVS

chris L

Christian joined the practice in 2010. Chris has a particular interest in surgery, he is extremely skilled & experienced in this area and has further qualifications in Veterinary Orthopaedics and Soft Tissue Surgery. He is also skilled in radiology and ultrasonography, having done a degree in Diagnostic Imaging before he became a vet. His dog Mollie sometimes accompanies him to work.

Angharad Thomas VetMB BA, MA MRCVS


Angharad joined the practice in September 2014. She qualified in 2011 and has a particular interest in cytology (lumps & bumps) and deals with medical cases at Moseley. Angharad is the vet in charge of the hospitalised cases at Moseley as well as being very busy (popular) with her appointments at the Moseley surgery.

Dr. Zoe Reynolds BVSc MRCVS

zoe reynolds

Zoe qualified from Bristol in 2015 and is a local girl, having returned to the Midlands after university. She likes drinking excessive amounts of tea, and walking her springer spaniel, Daisy, in the country. Zoe also plays the violin to a very high standard (Grade 8), and likes cooking reading & socialising with her friends.


Kate Ballard BVM&S, MANZCVS Feline Medicine, Advanced Practitioner in Feline Medicine,  MRCVS

Kate, veterinary surgeon, Fivelands Veterinary Centre

Kate joined Fivelands in 2017. She is an experienced veterinary surgeon who has further qualifications in feline medicine, although she also enjoys surgery and endoscopy. In her spare time Kate enjoys baking & cake decorating, and horse riding.

Dr. Francesca Wickstead BVSc, MRCVS


Dr. Colin Chadderton, BVSc, MRCVS

Colin is a locum (stand in) vet who has been with us for many years and is currently covering Angharad Thomas’ maternity leave.



Louise Mellows, RVN, Veterinary Nurse (currently on maternity leave)

Louise came to Fivelands in 2008. She qualified as a veterinary nurse in 2012. Louise runs our pet weight watchers club, loves rabbits, dogs, cats and pretty much anything with fur & 4 legs.

 Maria O’Brien, RVN, Veterinary Nurse


Maria has been a veterinary nurse at Fivelands for more years than she likes to say. Mother to stick insects, cats, 2 children & a husband.

Becci Faulkner, RVN, Veterinary Nurse (currently on maternity leave)


Becci qualified in April 2013. She has three rabbits called Millie, Jenni and Bugs. Becci hand reared Bugs from a tiny baby! She also has a labrador. Becci really enjoys running rabbit clinics.

Clare Newman, RVN, Veterinary Nurse

Clare, Fivelands Veterinary Centre, Moseley nurse

Clare previously worked at the RSPCA. She is a qualified nurse. She has a collection of cats & bunnies she has picked up during her career.

Donna Newey, RVN,  Veterinary Nurse


Donna has worked as a nurse at Fivelands since 1987. She works at the Fivelands Yardley practice where she juggles the admin, reception, nursing and making us smile admirably. She is very keen on promoting rabbit health. Her dog Vinnie used to come to work (before he retired!) but the cats, rabbits, and bird to stay at home. Donna makes excellent cakes, with amazing decoration, which we all look forward to!

Kelly Beesley Dip AVN (Small Animal), Dip HECVN, RVN

Kelly qualified in 2012 as a veterinary nurse and undertook the RCVS Advanced Diploma in Veterinary Nursing in 2014. After graduating in January 2017 she decided a new challenge was needed and joined Fivelands in July. She has a Staffordshire Bull Terrier called Bruno and a cat called Poppy who hate each other!


Kelly, veterinary nurse at fivelands vets

 Jodie Leake, Trainee veterinary nurse


Jodie joined the practice in 2014 as an animal nursing assistant, and is now training to be a veterinary nurse. She has a rabbit, and a lovely Dobermann Pinscher dog.

Julie Hatfield – Veterinary Nurse

Julie Hatfield

Julie has worked at Fivelands on and off for nearly 30 years. She has a jack russell terrier called Harvey, and a collection of stray cats that live in her garden. She practices karate and sports massage in her spare time, although not usually at the same time.

Reception – Moseley Surgery

Elaine Parker- Practice manager


Elaine has been at the practice for many years and keeps us all in check. She can multitask in reception, answering 2 phones whilst seeing to clients at the reception desk. She has horses and dogs.

Emma Morgan-Cettler

Emma joined Fivelands as a receptionist at the Moseley surgery. Previously she was working with police dogs at the Police Dog Training Centre.

 Lynn Thomas

Lynn joined the practice in November 2014 as a receptionist at Moseley. Lynn keeps smiling in the busy shifts she covers.

Lisa Hughes

Lisa Fivelands Veterinary Centre, Moseley receptionist

Lisa has been at Fivelands Moseley on reception since 2016. She also has a jack russell terrier and 2 cats (its not a pre-requisite for working on reception at Moseley).

Reception – Yardley  Surgery

Emma Kitson

Emma Kitson

Emma is a part-time receptionist at Yardley.  She has a soft spot for guinea pigs and has more than a few pet guinea pigs.

Debbie Harding

Debbie Harding

Debbie joined the team in 2016, having been a long-standing client with her greyhounds. Debbie splits her time between the Yardley & Hall Green practices. She has had many jobs before including working for the police and being in the Army. Most recently she worked at the police dog kennels looking after police dogs. She has 2 lovely rescue greyhounds, Missy & Neela.

Sarah-Louise Webb

Sarah-Louise, receptionist at Fivelands vets holding a kitten


Sarah-Louise came to Fivelands having worked in an out of hours clinic for several years, and before that she was a hairdresser.

Reception – Hall Green

Sue Owen

Sue Owen with her dogs

Sue has 2 border collies who teach her agility- she can crawl through a tube in record time! Another long-standing member of the team.

Debbie Harding

Debbie Harding

Debbie joined the team in 2016, having been a long-standing client with her greyhounds. She has had many jobs before including working for the police and being in the Army. Most recently she worked at the police dog kennels looking after police dogs. She has 2 lovely rescue greyhounds, Missy & Neela.